Politics at my school

Hello mates, today we had several people from the political parties in Norway. They had debate and the whole school watched. It got really intense and it was an extreme amount of fighting, but it was really funny for us the students tho. I am not really into politics so i didn’t really care which teams had the best arguments, but I did have a laugh. It was another fun day at Sandvika school.

Bye mates

Mcern is love

One of the best features of attending Sandvika svgs is that mcern is so close! Every day me and the lads wonder where we should go and eat, then we all say “MCDONALDS” and we travel into sandvika mall with joy. Thats just an amazing thing about sandvika high school. We can go and have a cheeseburger every day! And I’m mclovin it.

Bye mates


Today was a busy day!! In school today we did a lot of downloads and all kinds of computer stuff. We made the blog did some OneNote stuff and it was so difficult. I got really mad cause I didn’t know what I was going to do. But after all the stress I managed to complete it all.

Bye mates

Evensens first post

Hello people!

In this post im gonna tell you about myself! My name is Herman Evensen and I am a 15 year old boy. I come from a distant country (Norway). Its a cold place mates. I live in Asker, a place just outside the small capital of Norway (Oslo). I am currently a student at Sandvika High School, one of the best schools in the country with the best students in the country aswell.

Im a huge football fan so if you like football then be sure too read. My fav team is Liverpool, YNWA. I play football myself at Asker FC, and Im also a football coach for DIF G2003. If you wonder how i look i have brown hair, green/blue eyes, super tan and im also 6.1 feet tall. Pictures will come in later posts so be updated!

Bye mates!