Roald Dahl`s creepy story

The landlady is a novel by Roald Dahl. Its a creepy one and i really have no idea what he thought of when he wrote this. I think its just so disgusting and unreal, like how can someone stuff humans? This crazy lady, all she does is searching for the perfect boys. I mean what is this? I think that the story is like good in a creepy way, but not good in like a good way. I would say that the creepy plot is good if you like that genre or alike stuff, but if you are like me who likes normal stories, then its just wierd to read. So my opinion is that this story is just unormal and i can’t imagine how Roald could write this. The story had a nice suspense cause it did like build the suspense up really nice. I had read this novel before so I was not like surprised this time. But i actually remember the first time i read it then I was like, wtf? But i could see my fellow students was surprised now so I think Roald made this novel to surprise people. The style is creepy and kinda creepy exiting if that makes any sense, cause it really is just creepy.

Ok guys now me and my class have watched the movie of this novel (the land lady, a part of the series: tales of the unexpected) and I have to say that the movie is insane compered to the novel. In the novel we can’t see exactly whats going on, but we kinda have to imagine it, but in the movie we really see the things that we imagined. Me myself imagined that the other boys was stuffed, but Roald never wrote exactly that. But in the movie they show this, and it made me sick tbh. Like we saw this crazy woman talk to two stuffed boys and then she was about to stuff Billy (the new guy that visited her). I felt disgusted and disturbed, I really did not want to see something like that, so thanks a lot teacher.


One thought on “Roald Dahl`s creepy story

  1. I’m sorry I caused you discomfort. It is ironic because this is a short movie from the 70s, I would have thought a lot of what is shown on tv and the computer is a lot worse. A very crazy landlady indeed! Sometimes the written text is so much better because it leaves more to the imagination.


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