The movie Square Parts

Today we watched a movie in english class, its called Square parts. Its about some high school immigrants from Mexico (i think) that builds a underwater robot. And they end up winning a underwater robotics college competition. And this is kinda extraordinary because these 4 guys comes from a very bad high school and everyone thinks the have no future, but then they end up beating technological colleges.

All of these boys had different abilities, and if they had worked separately they would have failed big time. This just shows how people can do some team work and then accomplish really good things. Together they had great qualities and were able to do a great thing. Many people doubted them and even the principal laughed, but yet they showed everyone wrong.

And the fact that these boys managed to even make a so fascinating object as an underwater robot is just amazing. Robotics today are super important for us in every way. Almost everything is based on robotics and machines, and the world is becoming more automized.

A thing that happens not only in the USA, but also in specially Europe, is that immigrants dont have the same options as no-immigrants. If people have a different culture they might not succeed so good as the countrymens. The really shitty high school the boys went to was full off immigrants and a lot of them never got to college. Many of them joined criminality and took easy jobs. And also we could see white americans from the good colleges in the robotics competition. So opportunities for everyone is something the modern society must work on.

A huge problem today is immigration. I have heard that it is over 11 million illegal immigrants in the US, and immigrants from the middle east is coming to Europe. Syrian refugees are traveling across Europe to get to countries like Germany and Norway. The danger they are facing for a taste of hope is huge. Thousands of refugees are drowning in the Mediterian because of overfilled boats. This is one of the world biggest problems at the moments, we need to make a stop to this. We can’t have a world where people can’t live in their homecountrsies without dying. This crisis have to come to an end soon.


One thought on “The movie Square Parts

  1. You are right to compare the crises in Europe with illegal immigration in the Us. Especially the kids that are brought over to the Us by their parents and have lived in the United States their whole life. It is an important discussion.


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