How technology is helping me learn!

Our class is one of 3 groups in Sandvika vgs that has been chosen to participate in an experiment. Its about using new technology as our way of working instead of old school, using text books and pen and paper. We have no books, we have all our books on our computers. Some of us use notebooks and write in those, but others like me use technology like OneNote.

Using a computer as the only source of learning instead of books is for me really practical, but it can be distracting. When I use my mac its so easy to be distracted when I’m bored in class it is easy to chill on the internet instead of paying attention. I can surf on the web and not pay any attention to the teacher and class if I want to. However I am trying to learn and I’m good at staying away from websites that have nothing to do with work. Nevertheless i think that I soon will stop wasting time on other websites.

The best part about having a mac is that its so much easier than books. We have everything conveniently located on our machine. In addition if something in the book is unclear I can easily check the web for answers. And it`s so much more chill to use as a learning material.

To conclude I think that using this technology in our learning is awesome, and I really fancy it! I would definitely recommend it to other schools because it is a nice advantage if people do what they are supposed to do in class.12168082_1083142098377722_2092706176_n12166947_1083142095044389_1306363480_n12167303_1083142111711054_576959588_n

This is the main entrance area of our high school. Its called the glass hall because of the glass ceiling.. By the staircases you will find our classrooms. This school has 4 blocks with 4 floors. In each floor you will find atlas 5 different classrooms. This is a look inside our school.


7 thoughts on “How technology is helping me learn!

  1. Howzit, my name is Zane. I am from South Africa. My high school is Dainfern College. Technology is a huge part at our school, we have computer labs, ipads and Macs. I do have to agree with you that technology can get distracting in class when someone gets bored but we have a Wifi system that limits us from some sites on the internet. that bad thing is that our Wifi is always on and off, how is your Wifi at your school if u have? Most our school work is on our technology and our school is the most advanced school with technology in our Province. It would be awesome to hear more about your school mate !


    • Hi Zane!

      In our school the wifi have no blocked websites, so we can do whatever we want and visit websites. And our school is also one of the most advanced in technology and a very modern school compered to others in our area. Where in South Africa are you from amigo?


  2. Hey Herm,
    We have macs at our school too, but a lot of the time the wifi is really slow which sucks. You’re lucky that none of your websites are blocked, most social media is blocked during school hours for us so we can’t go on them. It does mean that we get less distracted though which is good I guess. 🙂


  3. Greetings from Alaska! My name is Skyler and I go to a technology based school in Anchorage called Highland Tech. Unlike your school, which is experimenting with tech based classes, our entire school is run online. Most of our work is done on Google Docs, except for math, because it easier to record with pen and paper, although we do have some computer based projects in the subject. I agree with you, it is much easier to do schoolwork digitally, but our school blocks certain social media websites in order to avoid distractions. Sometimes this can be inconvenient, because these websites can be a learning tool if used correctly. Our school’s technology based system has been in use for about 6 years, and I think that it is probably one of the best choices our school has made, even our grades our online where students can easily access them. It’s great to see that so many schools around the world are branching out and experimenting with teaching methods, and I’d like to see it continue, what about you?

    Your school is beautiful by the way!


    • Hey Skyler! Yeah i agree with you, I think the world`s schools should start with technological learning methods since the entire world is becoming more and more digitalized! Sandvika VGS (my school) might be the best looking school in our district so it is beautiful yes 🙂

      But I would like to hear more about Alaska, you can reply here on my blog or send an email to me at


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