The rabbit proof fence

Today we watched a movie called The Rabbit Proof Fence to learn more about the aboriginals. Since we have been interacting with Australians it`s fascinating to learn their history with their native people. The film is basted on a period of Australia which most Australians today are not so proud of. From the beginning of the 1900 hundred century to 1972 the government of Australia allowed out breeding of half-castes. Half-castes are people with both aboriginal and white parents. The government snatched half-castes all over Australia and sent them to camps with no communication with their original families. Their goal was to outbreed the aboriginal rase and culture.


Do you think the girls could have really walked all that way?

Its really hard to tell if the girls really could manage to walk that long distance, but I have to agree. They were raised in wild life surrounded by the desert and bushes. Molly escaped when she was 14 years old, and with 14 years of growing up in the wild you would have experience in surviving in the wild. In the film we observe this because in a lot of scenes we see Molly doing smart things to cover their tracks from the so called Tracker.  But what makes me insecure about this question is the two youngest girls. Im not sure about their exact age but I believe the youngest was 7 and the middle one was 11. Girls in that young age should not be able to walk the distance these girls walked (1500 miles/2400 km) , and this particularly applies to the youngest one. It requires much from a seven year old girl to walk a distance of 2400 km. But this just showes how these children`s lust to see their mothers and real home again. To conclude Im sticking to my first saying, I believe these girls really could walk all that way.

Rabbit proof fence map



Did the “biological absorption” program treat the half-caste children with respect? Explain the reasons supporting your answer.

Of course they didn’t treat the half-caste children with respect.  First of all the half-caste children were mistreated at the camps. They were not given specifically nice food, and what happened to their language? They were also forbidden to speak their native language, if they did so they would be given a punishment. In a fact they were given punishment for not obeying the camp leaders exactly how they were supposed to.  They might give them food and a place to sleep, but that does not change the fact that they ripped them away from their real homes and families. They came and transported them to a so called “new home”. Do you really think tearing their lives apart? And this is not all, their purpose with that was to bread out the aboriginal rase. So even if they treated them with a little hint of “respect” at the homes it would mean nothing to them. They ruined the aboriginal`s lives and respect dont belong to those who did this. The white men of Australia literally stole the children, and they even caused a whole stolen generation, as it`s even called. The word respect are something the white men had a massive lack off during this period.

The stolen generation


Your reflections on the topic, what did you know before you saw the movie and read the background, and what did you learn today?

I knew a lot of this before (we actually watched the exact same movie to a mid-term assignment in 10th grade) so I didn’t learn anything knew. But I can still reflect to the topic! My first thoughts to this is of course how on earth so many people agreed to literally out breed a rase. What makes it even more incredibly retarded is that the ones they tried to out breed was descents of the original people of the land they settled down in. The Aboriginal people had lived in Australia for over 50000 years. How could people back then be so arrogant and ignorant that they started a project in deleting the natives rase and culture. I just get mad by overthinking this to much, I just can`t believe it. If there really is a God my question to him/her would be how he could let this go through.


Since I knew a lot about this theme earlier I don`t have any sources except the websites where I found my pictures.




Aboriginal people

Small facts about the aboriginal people

Aboriginal people is the indigenous people of Australia. They were the first humans to live on the land of Australia. Archaeologists believe that the Aboriginals first came to the Australian continent around 45,000 years ago. Aboriginals’ land was invaded from the end of the 18th century onwards, with catastrophic consequences for them. Ever since the British first invaded, Aboriginal peoples have had their land stolen directly from them or destroyed. There were nothing the Aboriginals could do to stop the Britain`s invasion because the english men were extremely more advanced in armory back then. Until 1992, when the British colonizing was finally overturned, the legal principle governing British and then Australian law regarding Aboriginal land was that of ‘terra nullius’ – that the land was empty before the British arrived, belonged to no-one (not even to the one million Aboriginals), and could therefore be legitimately be taken over.

Before the Britain`s came there were many more aboriginals living than there are today. When the Britain`s took control they literally bread out the aboriginal people. The initial invasions also sparked huge waves of diseases that killed thousands of aboriginals, many others were massacred. In just over one hundred years from the first invasion of their land, their numbers were massively reduced from up to an estimated one million to only 60,000. But today there are about 500 different tribes, and each one have a different language and live in different territories.

Aboriginals are still exposed for racism and discrimination today.  Many aboriginal children has been taken away from their parents and put in foster families and foster homes. Most has still to be returned to their parents and families to this day today, and the loss of their land has had a devastating social and physical impact on Aboriginal peoples.

Skjermbilde 2015-11-18 kl. 09.18.26


The rainbow serpent

Today we saw a short film called The rainbow serpent. The theme was aboriginals, and in the movie we visited one of the first tribes in Australia. These aboriginals existed before animals did. Since there was no animals in the land there was a giant rainbow serpent instead. It searched trough Australia from south to north on his own tribe. He searched the land and in his searching he made rivers and lakes. He would listen to several tribes tongue to find out if they were his tribe or not. He accomplished acceptance with his tribe by showing them how to dance properly. But one night a storm blossomed up and the tribe needed shelter. Two young pil-pil boys came back home late that night and they had no shelter. They asked the serpent, but he tricked them and gave them shelter inside his stomach instead. The rest of the tribe found out that the serpent had swallowed the boys and they began to fight the serpent. The serpent then managed to escape the angry villagers.  

The serpent climbed up a tall mountain in search for safety, still with the boys inside him. The tribe were not capable to climb the mountain, except for two brothers who made it up. Luckily for the brothers the serpent had fell asleep to rest. When they reached the serpent they began to cut it`s stomach open until they had rescued the young boys. When they cut through the stomach they could not find the young boys, all they was two red parrots. The boys had evolved into parrots inside the serpents belly!

When the serpent woke up it found out it`s dinner where missing and it then let out a gigantic rage upon the tribe and the mountain it was resting on. It destroyed the mountain down to pieces and that terrified the tribe. Some of the members of the tribe got killed by flying stones, but most of them ran and hide while they turned into all the kinds of animals that live in Australia today. So the story is basically about how the animals came to earth (in the aboriginals view).


This is a link to the short film and my sources.


Using Kahoot to learn

Kahoot is a new type of quiz. The concept is that the quiz appears on a big screen and then the participants get to answer on their phones or pc´s. I have participated in Kahoot several times and I think the way the quiz works it`s an excellent learning material. It`s really fun to play and that helps a lot, you compete against your classmates. It`s a battle on appearing on the scoreboard (top 5) and the winner him/herself have accomplished a massive honor and glory. I have an idea where Kahoot will be most learning. After a long day of school students need to summarize what they have learned, and what would be better with a round of Kahoot in the end of the day?

People from the company Kahoot themselves even visited our class today. Three of them came from London and one actually came from Austin Texas! They were here basically to film us for a commercial. But during the day they observed us and how we made Kahoot`s, of course for improvements they could make.

If you wonder who and where Kahoot is founded then you should read this. “The Kahoot! platform and brand is developed by the founding team lead by Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker and Morten Versvik. The quiz is based on research carried out by Professor Alf Inge Wang and his colleagues at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The technology platform itself is based on the research conducted by Morten Versvik for his Master’s degree at NTNU. The Pedagogy and User Experience is based on work by Jamie Brooker and Johan Brand developed while working at their behaviour design company We Are Human in London” This is directly from Kahoot`s own website.

Ernest Hemingway, the different one

Ernest Hemingway was born in 1899. From early on his life was full of adventures, he attended in both the world wars. He was a part of The Lost Generation. He brought a new way of writing to the world. And he also made a lot of fact into fiction.

Ernest Hemingway was a part of the author group called “The Lost Generation”. As it relates to literature, the Lost Generation was a group of American writers, most of whom emigrated to Europe. They worked there from the end of World War I until the Great Depression. America was filled with cynical people who were facing less than certain future, but why on earth move across the ocean just to write? Well because the United States that they knew was gone completely, many of these writers felt that their home and life they had could never be repaired.

From almost the beginning of Hemingway`s writing career, His distinctive style occasioned a magnificent deal of comment and controversy. Basically, his style is really simple, direct, and unadorned. This probably resulted because of his early newspaper training. He avoids the adjectives whenever it`s possible. I think Hemingway`s style was revolutionary because it makes it easier for the readers to understand the texts, and of course easier to read them.

Is it brave to suffer in silence?

If you are hurt, sick or just depressed is it good to suffer in silence or talk about it? You yourself might feel brave if you suffer in silence not to bring your pain over to others, but the people around you often wants to help you and do the best for you. Thats why the question “is it brave to suffer in silence” is quite important because it has a meaning in it.

In Ernest Hemingway`s short story “A Day`s Wait” Hemingway wrote about his sick son. His son had a high feber, which is not death threatening, but thats what the son thought. But yet Hemingway`s son refused to share his pain, he pretended he was fine. Even when the people around him tried to make him say whats wrong and where his body hurt, he would still hide the pain.

But the real mystery behind this question is whether it`s brave to keep the pain inside or have the courage to share their pain with others. I think it`s braver to share your pain with others, cause it takes courage to be able to let other people inside your really special personal space. I myself would really suffer in silence because I don`t want people to know that I’m suffering.

So to conclude it is different views on how suffering in silence is brave or not. People will guaranteed have different sayings about this theme because people are very different in their minds.