Ernest Hemingway, the different one

Ernest Hemingway was born in 1899. From early on his life was full of adventures, he attended in both the world wars. He was a part of The Lost Generation. He brought a new way of writing to the world. And he also made a lot of fact into fiction.

Ernest Hemingway was a part of the author group called “The Lost Generation”. As it relates to literature, the Lost Generation was a group of American writers, most of whom emigrated to Europe. They worked there from the end of World War I until the Great Depression. America was filled with cynical people who were facing less than certain future, but why on earth move across the ocean just to write? Well because the United States that they knew was gone completely, many of these writers felt that their home and life they had could never be repaired.

From almost the beginning of Hemingway`s writing career, His distinctive style occasioned a magnificent deal of comment and controversy. Basically, his style is really simple, direct, and unadorned. This probably resulted because of his early newspaper training. He avoids the adjectives whenever it`s possible. I think Hemingway`s style was revolutionary because it makes it easier for the readers to understand the texts, and of course easier to read them.


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