Is it brave to suffer in silence?

If you are hurt, sick or just depressed is it good to suffer in silence or talk about it? You yourself might feel brave if you suffer in silence not to bring your pain over to others, but the people around you often wants to help you and do the best for you. Thats why the question “is it brave to suffer in silence” is quite important because it has a meaning in it.

In Ernest Hemingway`s short story “A Day`s Wait” Hemingway wrote about his sick son. His son had a high feber, which is not death threatening, but thats what the son thought. But yet Hemingway`s son refused to share his pain, he pretended he was fine. Even when the people around him tried to make him say whats wrong and where his body hurt, he would still hide the pain.

But the real mystery behind this question is whether it`s brave to keep the pain inside or have the courage to share their pain with others. I think it`s braver to share your pain with others, cause it takes courage to be able to let other people inside your really special personal space. I myself would really suffer in silence because I don`t want people to know that I’m suffering.

So to conclude it is different views on how suffering in silence is brave or not. People will guaranteed have different sayings about this theme because people are very different in their minds.



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