The rabbit proof fence

Today we watched a movie called The Rabbit Proof Fence to learn more about the aboriginals. Since we have been interacting with Australians it`s fascinating to learn their history with their native people. The film is basted on a period of Australia which most Australians today are not so proud of. From the beginning of the 1900 hundred century to 1972 the government of Australia allowed out breeding of half-castes. Half-castes are people with both aboriginal and white parents. The government snatched half-castes all over Australia and sent them to camps with no communication with their original families. Their goal was to outbreed the aboriginal rase and culture.


Do you think the girls could have really walked all that way?

Its really hard to tell if the girls really could manage to walk that long distance, but I have to agree. They were raised in wild life surrounded by the desert and bushes. Molly escaped when she was 14 years old, and with 14 years of growing up in the wild you would have experience in surviving in the wild. In the film we observe this because in a lot of scenes we see Molly doing smart things to cover their tracks from the so called Tracker.  But what makes me insecure about this question is the two youngest girls. Im not sure about their exact age but I believe the youngest was 7 and the middle one was 11. Girls in that young age should not be able to walk the distance these girls walked (1500 miles/2400 km) , and this particularly applies to the youngest one. It requires much from a seven year old girl to walk a distance of 2400 km. But this just showes how these children`s lust to see their mothers and real home again. To conclude Im sticking to my first saying, I believe these girls really could walk all that way.

Rabbit proof fence map



Did the “biological absorption” program treat the half-caste children with respect? Explain the reasons supporting your answer.

Of course they didn’t treat the half-caste children with respect.  First of all the half-caste children were mistreated at the camps. They were not given specifically nice food, and what happened to their language? They were also forbidden to speak their native language, if they did so they would be given a punishment. In a fact they were given punishment for not obeying the camp leaders exactly how they were supposed to.  They might give them food and a place to sleep, but that does not change the fact that they ripped them away from their real homes and families. They came and transported them to a so called “new home”. Do you really think tearing their lives apart? And this is not all, their purpose with that was to bread out the aboriginal rase. So even if they treated them with a little hint of “respect” at the homes it would mean nothing to them. They ruined the aboriginal`s lives and respect dont belong to those who did this. The white men of Australia literally stole the children, and they even caused a whole stolen generation, as it`s even called. The word respect are something the white men had a massive lack off during this period.

The stolen generation


Your reflections on the topic, what did you know before you saw the movie and read the background, and what did you learn today?

I knew a lot of this before (we actually watched the exact same movie to a mid-term assignment in 10th grade) so I didn’t learn anything knew. But I can still reflect to the topic! My first thoughts to this is of course how on earth so many people agreed to literally out breed a rase. What makes it even more incredibly retarded is that the ones they tried to out breed was descents of the original people of the land they settled down in. The Aboriginal people had lived in Australia for over 50000 years. How could people back then be so arrogant and ignorant that they started a project in deleting the natives rase and culture. I just get mad by overthinking this to much, I just can`t believe it. If there really is a God my question to him/her would be how he could let this go through.


Since I knew a lot about this theme earlier I don`t have any sources except the websites where I found my pictures.





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