Movie Project

As you have read in one of my previous posts we use a lot of technology in our class at Sandvika high school. Today we used it in a way we never have done before. In today´s english class we received a task were we had to make a movie. We have worked with films at Sandvika before so it was a lot of planning to make it perfect. We split the class in two and the two groups would make a different movie. My group chose the task “make a video about how we work in class”. My job was to be the script writer and sort of a director so I was the man behind the story in this movie. Everyone in the group participated, some more than others of course, and together we made a solid and serious movie to represent our school. We even used a professional digital camera to film with and that was pretty cool. It was really fun to visualize the way we work at Sandvika for other people and schools to see. I hope other schools will use this as an inspiration in the way they work in class, because technology can bring learning to new heights.


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