The US presidental election

Here is the list I consider contains the most famous presidential candidates

1. Donald Trump

2. Hillary Clinton

3. Bernie Sanders

As it stands right now I would say Donald Trump is the most famous presidential candidate because of his controversial behaviour. During his campaign, he has shared some thoughts of him that many believe are despicable and disrespectful.

Hillary Clinton is by a small margin the most popular democratic candidate. She has won more delegates than Bernie but it is a close call between the two of them.

I did a quiz about the presidential candidates ( to see who I would have matched with. All my answers matched me with Hillary Clinton. I agreed 96% with her in the quiz. One of the popular issues is gay marriage. I have visited a website to see the percentage of voters from both parties (republicans and democrats) supported gay marriage and how many declined gay marriage. The total percentage of voters from all parties and states showed that 66 percent of the American people supports gay marriage and 34 percent don`t. 96% of the democrats supported same-sex marriage while only 4% did not (7,3 million democrats supports gay marriage while only 400,ooo don`t). The republicans results showed nearly the opposite. Only 31 percent of the republican voters (2,2 million) supports gay marriage while 69 percent (5 million) is against gay marriage. In my opinion, this difference is astonishing.

While the different parties had huge differences in this issue, the different states did not. Nearly every state I checked showed this answer: 60-70% yes vs 30-40% no. How come it that the different parties showed massive differences, but the different states showed very similar answers?

Please note that all vote numbers is the number of people who answered the quiz`s questions.


Oh, Donald Trump… It`s not only his name that is funny, but he is a funny man himself. Even though he is funny sometimes, I would not vote for him if I was an American and here is 3 reasons why.

  1. First of all, it`s his unreasonable statements. When he`s debating against other candidates and they actually has a good argument against him, he fires back with something like “9/11 happened during your brothers regime” or “Shes bleeding everyone, she`s on her period”. How on earth can a presidantIal candidate say something like this AND STILL BE WINNING?
  2. Second, his racism. Everyone who does not support Donald Trump has realised that Trump is a vast racist. His statements like “Mexican’s are rapists, criminals and murderers” and he even wants to ban all Muslims from entering the United States!
  3. I don`t have a number 3 yet, but I’m sure that number 1 and 2 is all the reasons I need for not to vote for Trump.


I have chosen two republicans and two democrats and here are my favourite tweets from them. I chose these tweets because it describes what they are working for and what they want to provide to America if the become presidents.


Donald Trump (republican)

Here are two tweets written by him. The first shows what his campaign is about while the second one shows what 99% of his tweets is about… Insulting the other candidates.

Skjermbilde 2016-03-16 kl. 10.24.39

Skjermbilde 2016-03-16 kl. 10.28.30


Ted Cruz (republican)

This guy does not tweet much himself, he basically retweets tweets from his supporters. That seems like his “thing”.


Hillary Clinton (democrat)

Skjermbilde 2016-03-16 kl. 10.39.34

I like this tweet by Hillary because it shows a bit of her ideology and at the same time humours Donald`s idiotic idea of building a border wall between Mexico and USA.

Bernie Sanders (democrat)

Skjermbilde 2016-03-16 kl. 10.46.05

I absolutely love this tweet by Bernie Sanders. He is my favourite candidate and I really hope he becomes president because he is the only one who can save the USA. I love this tweet because it shows how he supports the earth itself and its health. I myself is a massive supporter of exactly this topic: defeating global warming.

The donkey and the elephant

Both the republican and democratic party have an image. The democratic party`s image is a donkey while the republican party`s image is an elephant. Here is the reason why (copied from

The Donkey— Presidential candidate Andrew Jackson was the first Democrat ever to be associated with the donkey symbol. His opponents during the election of 1828 tried to label him a “jackass” for his populist beliefs and slogan, “Let the people rule.” Jackson was entertained by the notion and ended up using it to his advantage on his campaign posters.

But cartoonist Thomas Nast is credited with making the donkey the recognized symbol of the Democratic Party. It first appeared in a cartoon in Harper’s Weekly in 1870 and was supposed to represent an anti-Civil War faction. But the public was immediately taken by it and by 1880 it had already become the unofficial symbol of the party.

The Elephant— Political cartoonist Thomas Nast was also responsible for the Republican Party elephant. In a cartoon that appeared in Harper’s Weekly in 1874, Nast drew a donkey clothed in lion’s skin, scaring away all the animals at the zoo. One of those animals, the elephant, was labeled “The Republican Vote.” That’s all it took for the elephant to become associated with the Republican Party.

The delegate system

To be the nominee from each party you need to have a certain number of delegates. In the republican party, you need 1237 delegates to achieve the nomination. The picture below shows how many delegates the republicans need to achieve presidential nomination from the republican party. Donald Trump is currently leading the race to presidential nomination.

Skjermbilde 2016-03-16 kl. 12.01.32

The picture below shows how many delegates the democrats need to achieve the nomination of the democratic party. As you can see, Hillary Clinton is leading the democratic race for the nomination.

Skjermbilde 2016-03-16 kl. 11.58.38

Newspaper articles

I read an article from the newspaper Los Angeles Times. The headline is “Facing a key test in Ohio, Trump takes aim at Kasich”. This article does not directly say shit about Trump, but it indirectly says he is a douchebag. They share a lot of statements from Trump where he talks crap about Kasich (in very many statements). Their description of Donald Trump describes him as an ignorant, rude and arrogant person.






Trump, Cruz, Sanders and Clinton`s twitter pages.


Sherman Alexie and Nick Hornby

I have watched to interviews of both authors. My impression of Sherman Alexie is that he is a nice person and a huge bookworm. He seems like the guy who would read a book in the corner of the room instead of watching a movie with the rest of the class. My impression of Nick Hornby is that he is a musical person, he likes music and books. He says in the interview that he is a sports fan, but at the same time, he disguises sport. You might be thinking “How weird?”, but my in my theory there is a reason for this: he´s an Arsenal fan. They are so close to winning the league every year, but every year they fail right in the end.

I would like to read the book written by Sherman Alexie because in the interview he was really cool and I enjoyed watching it. I read the first chapter of the book “An absolute true diary of a part-time Indian” and it was surprisingly funny and amusing.