Sherman Alexie and Nick Hornby

I have watched to interviews of both authors. My impression of Sherman Alexie is that he is a nice person and a huge bookworm. He seems like the guy who would read a book in the corner of the room instead of watching a movie with the rest of the class. My impression of Nick Hornby is that he is a musical person, he likes music and books. He says in the interview that he is a sports fan, but at the same time, he disguises sport. You might be thinking “How weird?”, but my in my theory there is a reason for this: he´s an Arsenal fan. They are so close to winning the league every year, but every year they fail right in the end.

I would like to read the book written by Sherman Alexie because in the interview he was really cool and I enjoyed watching it. I read the first chapter of the book “An absolute true diary of a part-time Indian” and it was surprisingly funny and amusing.


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