If you could only see the beauty that comes from ashes

Today in class we watched a short film named The Butterfly Circus. It`s a movie about “Will” that is born without legs and arms. Will is played by Nick Vujicic who is famously known in real life for his body. When we first meet Will he is a depressive man owned by a circus. He is exhibited on a “weird people stand”. But one day another circus director from another circus talks to Will. Will, who doesn’t know that this man is probably the nicest man he will ever meet, spit him in the face while the man tries to cheer him up.

Will immediately realises the huge mistake he has done, and then joins the man and his circus. The man helps Will understand how amazing he is and that he can overcome all challenges. He says to will “The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph”, and this changes Will`s life.

When I watched the film I got really touched and it actually sent me an amazing message. No matter the challenge and obstacle you face, never give up! No matter how much you have to struggle to achieve your goal, the triumph will be glorious.


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