My advice to next year students

In our class today, we watched and listened to two commencement speeches by J.K Rowling and Ellen Degeneres. J.K Rowling is a famous writer who has written the popular novel series, Harry Potter. Ellen Degeneres is a popular talk show host.

Ellen Degeneres held a speech at the Tulane university in New Orleans for the graduating students. She held a speech about success and how there were different types of success in life, but she considered succeeding in life as a good person is the most important type of success. She told us that she had no idea what she was going to do with her life when she finished high school. She had no money at that time. At the time back then she thought of success as being a famous celebrity, but as her life changed she found out the true meaning of success: To follow your passion and your own path.

J.K Rowling held a really touching speech about how you can learn from failure. She said that she had learned much from her most downwards part of life and said to all young college students that failure is an important stage of life. She told us that during her younger stage in life, she received much criticism by everyone near us because she chose to write novels. Yet, she chose her own path and succeeded massively in life.

There is no way to success without failure. Failure will help you realize who you are and what you want in life. When you have accomplished the true self of you, that’s when you have succeeded in life. That’s my advice to you next year students, live your life as you want it and don’t let anyone tell you how to because it’s YOUR life. Choose your own path and m

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